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Experience the thrill of making life and death battle decisions in a chaotic tower defense shooter on the back of a giant moving tortoise.

Battle Fortress Tortoise (BFT) is a 3rd Person Shooter in which the player takes on the role of the Commander of a clan of gnomes aboard a large tortoise.

The game exists on a colossal scale not only in size but also in numbers, where little people must defend themselves in a world of giants.

Each battle conveys a feeling of controlled chaos, the sound of each cannons fire, the yelling of your crew and the drum of the hyenas, explosions and body’s flying.

Battle Fortress Tortoise is a 20-minute game developed by a team of 22 students during 8 months of production in Unreal Engine 3. It was developed as a student project at UCF's Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy. All members of the team have since been gainfully employed by a number of studios in the industry.


Vertical Slice: 

Final Presentation: 

Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
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GenreAction, Shooter
Tags3D, Indie, On-Rails Shooter, Prototype, Short, Third Person, Tower Defense, Unreal Engine


Battle Fortress Tortoise (UDK installer) 541 MB

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Made with Unreal Development Kit. Supports mouse & keyboard or Xbox controller.

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